Rubber dams

Inflatable dams are modern, movable and fully automatic barrier structures used to raise the water level of water streams. In cooperation with our partners, design offices of Hydroconstruct and Aquatis, we offer complete deliveries of the technology for inflatable dams of the highest technical level, based on our own know-how acquired since 1963, when the first inflatable dam was implemented. Since then, we have together installed hundreds of the inflatable dams throughout the world. In 2011, we established a unique production of membranes for inflatable dams. The production process is a step-by-step procedure that produces the membranes as homogeneous units without connecting their individual belts. We offer various membrane surfaces and membrane thickness of 8 to 25 mm. With our own design of the inflatable dam anchoring system, control system and the highest quality of produced membranes, which comply with the requirements of the appropriate standard (BAW, ISO, DIN, ČSN), this product is one of the best products in this area in the world.

The inflatable dam is a permanent structure that includes a rubber-textile membrane (body of the inflatable dam), which is firmly attached to the concrete bed using a steel anchoring system and anchoring screws. The inflatable dam is connected via a pipeline system with a control shaft, which secures, together with an electronic device, the required, fully automatic operation of the dam structure. Its simplicity and environmental harmlessness means that it is ideal for small hydro power stations, irrigation systems, ground water treatment, recreation purposes and reconstructions of old fixed as well as movable weirs. At the same time, it is also a suitable measure for a conceptual and flood prevention in a given region. It has the ability to create a self-regulating water reservoir on watercourses and to help in directing flood waves.

A key part of inflatable dams is formed by Rubena membranes, manufactured in the Czech Republic using the technology of gradual pressing of non-vulcanized semi-finished products into the final shape of a homogeneous membrane. This production technology eliminates connections of vulcanized belts and significantly improves the safety of the entire work with a great improvement of physical and mechanical characteristics of the entire membrane of the barrier structure. The actual design of the dam anchoring system, focused on the highest possible usage characteristics of the work, is also manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic.

Advantages of inflatable dams in comparison with other weir closure

  • low acquisition cost,
  • simple regulation of the top level with an accuracy of ± 2 cm even for flood flow rates up to the capacity
    of the given dedicated opening,
  • undemanding bottom structure,
  • simple assembly and, if necessary, replacement of damaged closures,
  • low maintenance and service requirements and low operation cost,
  • simple repairs of small damages,
  • easy reconstruction of old fixed weirs or weirs with sluice or water gates,
  • practically the only alternative for horizontally as well as vertically curved overflow edges,
  • possibility to modify waterfront pillars from perpendicular to a slant of 1:3, while the pillar axis does not have to be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the weir,
  • problem-free winter operation,
  • practically no corrosion, not even of the steel elements, which means a long lifespan (more than 20 years),
  • no negative impacts on the environment because of its operation without any oils and lubricants,
  • ideal harmony of the weir with surrounding countryside since majority of the structure is under the level of
    the surrounding terrain,
  • high resistance against occurrence of vibrations in the case of overflowing water, increased if needed by
    non-vulcanized baffles.

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