History of Rubena

The rubber industry in Náchod has a long tradition. Already in 1908 Josef Kudrnáč started the production of lubricants, seals, and other rubber products.
In 1923 he took Ing. Jaroslav Haukaf as a partner, and together they started the production of technical rubber and subsequently other rubber products.
In 1928 these two partners parted – Jaroslav Hakauf went to Hradec Králové and Josef Kudrnáč started the production of bicycle tyres and tubes in Náchod.
In 1929 Kudrnáč Co. produced the first Czechoslovak car tyre and tube.

After World War II. Kudrnáč Co. was turned into a national company, and in 1947 given 
a new name  - RUBENA. A year later, in Náchod  the rubber combine Rubena Náchod was founded; it merged with GUMOKOV  Hradec Králové and a machine-tool company in Předměřice. Five years later the branch was reorganized and VHJ Czech rubber plant Náchod was founded by the aquisition of  the following plants: ZZN Náchod, SNP Praha, Gumokov Hradec Králové, Osinek Kostelec nad Orlicí, and Azbestos Zvěřínek.

In the 1960s they started using injection press technology to produce technical rubber, and in the beginning of the 1970s the production of car tyres was transfered from Náchod to Otrokovice. In 1989 an independent state company Rubena Náchod was founded, and three years later this company was turned into an incorporated company. In 1996 RUBENA Náchod became a part of CGS, a.s.

The beginning of rubber industry in Hradec Králové is connected with the name of family Hakauf. On 25 August 1928 a new company called Rubber Goods Production Public Trading Company (“Veřejná obchodní společnost zaměřená na výrobu gumového zboží”) has entered into the Trade register. The new factory stately began its operating on 14 August 1929, and in 1930 was given the name Gumovka – Ing. Jaroslav Hakauf and his sons. The production was not interrupted during the War. The original owners did not return after the War, and after the nationalization the company became a part of the rubber combine Rubena Náchod. The independent national company Gumokov Hradec Králové was founded in 1953, when it was separated from the Náchod Group, and managed directly by the Main Control Board of the Rubber Industry. In 1958 it became a part of a new production and economic unit České Závody Gumárenské, and operated this way until 1990.

At the end of 1990 GUMOKOV a.s. was founded, and included in the second wave of coupon privatization. GUMOKOV became a part of CGS, a.s. in 1997. Two years later by a merger with the company RUBENA Náchod, RUBENA Hradec Králové, a.s. with operations in Hradec Králové, Náchod and Velké Poříčí was founded, implementing the large investment program "RUBENA 2007", which received significant government investment incentives.

In 2016, Trelleborg finalized acquisition of CGS Holding. Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.

On 1st October 2021 the sale of Rubena rubber company was completely finished, with production plants in Náchod, Velké Poříčí and Zlín making part of it. The owner up to now, the Swedish company Trelleborg, decided of this step at the beginning of 2020 due to the product portfolio of Rubena not corresponding enough to the newly adopted strategy of the Group.

After the process nearly one year long, the Czech investment group Kaprain owned by Mr. Karel Pražák became a new owner of Rubena. Kaprain is focused on industry, immovable property, finance, sports and entertainment as well. As to the industry, it is oriented on the chemical and telecommunication industries.

Rubena is currently the greatest European manufacturer of bicycle tyres and tubes, producing also technical rubber, air spring bellows, V-belts, ice-hockey pucks, seals, bags and tanks, and rubber compounds. With annual turnover 1.5 billion CZK, it employs a thousand people.