Ice Hockey Pucks

Ice hockey pucks have been manufactured in Rubena for more than 20-years. Pucks are manufactured in plant Náchod. The pucks are made of vulcanized rubber. The puck properties such as hardness, weight, thickness, rebound elasticity, flatness, diameter etc.must correspond IIHF norms, and the strictest requirements of the Canadian-American National Ice-Hockey League.

Our range includes not only pucks for adult ice hockey (matches and training) but also the pucks for the youth. Moreover, ice hockey pucks with graphics made for promotional purposes, are very significant.


A standard ice hockey puck known to many ice hockey generations.
Informative size: Ø 76 x 25 mm; Informative weight: 165 g.

Smudge free

A classic ice hockey puck. The material used allows removing puck-caused stains from the side board very easily.
Informative size: Ø 76 x 25 mm; Informative weight: 165 g.


A smaller, light puck intended for ice hockey of the youth in Europe.
Informative size: Ø 60 x 20 mm; Informative weight: 90 g.

Junior light blue

A puck intended for older children’s ice hockey in Europe.
Informative size: Ø 76 x 25 mm; Informative weight: 125 g.

Orange heavy puck

A puck designed for more effective training of ice hockey players due to its higher weight.
Informative size: Ø 76 x 25 mm; Informative weight: 240 g.

White puck

A puck designed for training and improving the perception of the goalkeeper.
Informative size: Ø 76 x 25 mm; Informative weight: 165 g

Promotional pucks

Pucks made not only for promoting ice hockey issues, but also used for promotional purposes concerning industry, cultural events or some region.
Informative size: Ø 76 x 25 mm; Informative weight: 165 g.


Rubena can offer several printings of different quality on ice hockey pucks, whichare suitable for promotional and communication purposes, sponsoring and even the game.
Prices depend on the volume of the project inquired, or on more parameters, if need be.

We can offer the following print types

  • single-coloured print – golden/silver, game quality;

  • multi-colour print – not suitable for game, for promotional purposes only;

  • multi-colour print – IIHF game quality.


In cartons per 100 or 50 pieces or they can be scaled in the PE foil per 10 pcs.


Our pucks are used by ice hockey players and collected by ice hockey fans in the Czech Republic and central Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and in the cradle of ice hockey, Canada and USA.


In the company Rubena a certified integrated system of quality and environmental management is implemented, based on international standards:
ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2004, ČSN EN ISO/TS 16949:2009.



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