Driving gears

Bellows Type Air Springs - application of the bellows as a driving gears

Resilient couplings are used form transmitting torsional moment in various machines. They provide damping torsional vibrations and shocks of various drives. They allow a softer starting of various machines and they allow misalignment between the connected shafts. They provide a silent and smooth run with uniform speed. These properties are often utilized in ship drives. Diesel-electric generators, glass mills, bucket ladder excavators, etc.

Bellows Type Air Springs - application of the bellows as a power element

Bellows Type Air Springs have successfully solved vibration and noise problems in many industrial applications.

They are also frequently used in vehicles as seat suspensors and elements to provide vibration and shock isolation. In these applications, the air spring characteristic can be controlled by changing inner overpressure.

This allows to maintain a permanent clearance between the road and the bottom of the vehicle even if the load of the vehicle changes (trucks, lorries, buses).

Air spring can also be advantageously used as air actuators in many applications, including: Lifting platforms, jacks, pressing devices for paper machines, tensioning devices for belt conveyors, clamping devices for industrial gluing operations, car and truck clutches and brake shoes control devices and many others. The bellows are an important mean for eliminating of vibrations of engineering technologies.