The tires for Motoskijöring

A new motorcycling sport called "Motoskijöring" is becoming popular in the Czech republic and other countries. Motoskijöring involves two riders, one riding and the other on ski pulled by the rider.

Mitas is the sole producer in the world to produce special tires designated with extreme gearing facility on snow and ice for this attractive discipline.  These tires are also recommended to motorcyclists who love snow and ice winter conditions.

The tires were initiated into serial production from January 5th 2004 with production code and name as follows:
Code                    Name 
26346                  120/90-18 65M C-12 ICE SOFT
26476                  120/90-18 66N  C-12 ICE SOFT

The tires are available at :
MITAS a.s.
Svehlova 1900, 106 25  Praha 10
Czech Republic
phone: +420 267 111 522
fax: +420 271 750 214