Rubena will present V-belts at the Agroshow Bednary

When: 23. - 25.09.2022
Where: The Bednary Airfield, Poznan, Poland

One of the largest agricultural festivals in Europe will start on Friday, September 23, at the Bednary Airfield, where over 800 companies will present their products. About 120,000 farmers visit this event every year.

V-belts are an integral part of the Agro industry. Rubena will present, among others, FARM BELT belts, designed for use in various agricultural machines. You will also be able to see the complete production range of other products.

AGRO SHOW is agriculture in the full sense of the word. At the show, you will find not only exhibitors of agricultural machinery, but also manufacturers of agricultural fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products and other many sectors related to agriculture. Visitors can see the full range of products and services for agriculture and get all the information they need.

Link to the event website