RUBENA – supplier in systems for managing emergency situations

„Antiflood Protection Brno“ – this is a project of the Czech Antiflood Association and of the Veletrhy Brno a.s. company, which has offered unique specimens of all types of antiflood measures in a newly reconstructed pool close to the Z pavilion of the Brno exhibition ground.

During this spring, a whole series of fairs have taken place which have been aimed at the building and environment sectors – IBF/Urbis Invest, Pyros/Iset, water mains and sewerage/Envi Brno, where RUBENA has presented individual articles  featuring the product portfolio of the „Systems for Managing Emergency Situations“.  Such as a special testing polygon, the component part of which there are  RUBENA antiflood walls, sewerage sealings and  closures, which is being yearly constructed under the command of the President of the Association for Managing Emergency Situations, Ing. Papež.  The arrangement of this test and demonstration polygon enables an effective presentation of a chosen manufacturing programme of the RUBENA company in course of three subsequent fairs with the possibility of approaching potential  inland and foreign business partners.