Rubena for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

At the Summer Olympics in London, Rubena had the most participating athletes in the history of the company. Five riders, riding bikes equipped with Rubena tires, raced in the cross country mountain bikes and bicross races. In the cross country races, our bikers used the proven, universal design of the SCYLLA TOP DESIGN GREY LINE tires while in the BMX category, they used newly developed tires for fast surfaces SPEEDO LT 47- 406. In the cross country category, the Czech bikers Jan Škarnitzl and Ondřej Cink and its Australian rivals Rebecca Henderson and Daniel McConnel rode the Olympic track on Rubena tires, while in the bicross category, it was Romana Labounková. Labounková recorded the best result among these riders, finishing 11th in a very hard race. Jan Škarnitz finished his Olympic start 12th and Ondřej Cink ended up two places behind him.
For the Summer Olympics, Rubena prepared a special line of Olympic tires labeled “LONDON 2012”, which the company will offer as a part of a limited edition to its customers.


Profiles of our racers:



Results – OLYMPIC GAMES LONDON MTB XC, Hadleight Farm:
1. Kulhavý Jaroslav (CZE) 1:29:07
2. Schurter Nino (SUI) +0:01
3. Fontana Marco Aurelio (ITA) +0:48
12. Škarnitzl Jan (CZE) +2:41
14. Cink Ondřej (CZE) +3:09
21. Mc Connell David (AUS) +4:15


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