Rubena comes top in the Australian Crocodile Trophy 2012

From 20 to 28 October 2012, one of the most gruelling, longest and most adventurous MTB races in the world took place, the Crocodile Trophy. A hundred and seventy riders set off on the 933 km long race from Cairns to Cooktown, which is divided into nine stages. Riders of the Rubena Rocky Trail Racing team coped best with the total elevation of 16,000 high-altitude metres in extreme climatic conditions (up 45°C), and led the overall leader table in several categories. The star was Ivan Rybařík in the Rubena colours, who won four stages and came second in three. The style by which he outclassed all competitors earned him the nickname “Ivanator”. Rybařík took first place overall, won the points competition, and his three-member team came first in the team rankings. The Australian members of the Rubena team, Mark Griffin and Aaron Lakeman, also won the category Adventure Team Elite. Milan Špolc, another Rubena company rider, won the Masters category. All in all, Czechs in the Rubena colours left an indelible mark on the history of the Crocodile Trophy. The most popular design was SCYLLA TOP DESIGN Greyline (V96) in the Tubeless Supra version with dimensions 29 x 2.25.
Team Results
1. Rubena Rocky Trail Racing  (108:29:32) / Slezák, Rybařík, Kafka (CR)
2. Subaru/ (111:50:14) / Morris, Blewitt, Van der Merwe (2x AUS, UK)
3. Tenni\'s / SKM  (116:06:23) / Mashford, Rankine, Skerke (AUS)
Overall Results Elite
1. Ivan Rybařík (34.08:59) CR (Rubena Rocky Trail Racing)
2. Ondřej Fojtík (34:26:54) CR
3. Wolfgang Krenn (34:58:17) AUT
4. Corry Wallace (35:20:05)  CAN
5. Ondřej Slezák (35:37:24) CR (Rubena Rocky Trail Racing)
Results Masters M3
1. Milan Špolc (+05:19:16) (CR) (Kona Cycling Point)
2. Sam Sprunger (+07:48:09)  (SUI)
3. Ruedi Senn (+08:12:55)  (SUI)