Rubena changes its logo after 25 years

The Náchod rubber company Rubena is renewing its logo and design after 25 years. The new visual style and logo have been given a new contemporary look while maintaining maximum resemblance to the original hallmark. The designer of the new logo is an association of agencies named Kotelna 55, which specializes in marketing communication. “The challenge wasn’t just to create a new logo. The intention was also to form a modern logotype that fits into the brand's ecosystem. Meaning this would be used across all Rubena’s product lines, with the clear link to the Rubena brand. The new logo has thus successfully evolved from the original trademark.” Said Petra Matoušková, Head of Marketing department.

This year, the visual style and the logo will be gradually transformed across online communications (web, banners, social networks) and all offline materials.

Rubena is the largest manufacturer of bicycle tyres and tubes in Europe. It also produces technical rubber, air suspension bellows, V-belts, pucks, seals, bags, tanks, and rubber compounds. It is a company with an annual turnover of 1.5 billion crowns, which employs a thousand workers.