Rallye Dakar 2007 with CGS products

The 29th year of one of the most prestigeous and also the most demanding motorcar competitions of the world, RALLYE DAKAR, took place on 6th – 21th January. This year showed again the high quality and reliability of MITAS products (motorcycle tyres) and RUBENA products (air bellows, rubber moulded goods) with which sponsored sports crews and professional riders were equiped.

Total of 245 motorcycles, 145 cars, and 85 trucks started for the race course through Europe and Africa nearly 8000 km long. Only 132 motorcycles, 109 cars, and 60 trucks reached the final destination. This statistics itself indicates what all the rallye racers had to undergo. Media importance of this event is also amplified by the fact that 26 min. of news were transmitted daily and ratings were 150 mil. viewers in Europe. The sponsored riders were also Ivo Kaštan and Martin Macek in motorcycle category (MITAS), together with Tomáš Tomeček in trucks (RUBENA) who proved outstanding readiness and got a good placing in their combat with competition having many times higher budgets at disposal today. The Dakar veteran Ivo Kaštan got a nice 51st placing. Martin Macek, taking part in the competition for the first time, went through the finishing tape as fifteenth. The Rallye Dakar multi-participant Tomáš Tomeček was even placed eleventh.

We can say that this year the products of CGS proved their readiness in a hard competition and their quality in extreme conditions of Rallye Dakar contest.