Poster with RUBENA bicycle tyre news

RUBENA a.s. has prepared many news in the segment of Bicycle Tyres production programme that are pictured on the wall poster being posted in the network of co-operating retail shops.
In the Tour/Trek category there is a new development shown – V66 FLASH tyre tread pattern.

When developing this bicycle tyre, a big emphasis was laid not only on the quality riding properties, but also on the safety of cyclists. The technology APS (Anti Puncture System) used is featuring a rubber bumper under the bicycle tire tread which makes the bicycle tyre much more resistant to the puncture. Furthermore, a new technology RS (Reflex Strip) was used which means reflex strips vulcanized onto the bicycle tyre side-walls, reflecting the light well even under worse light conditions (darkness, rain, fog) and therefore making the cyclist visible.


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