News in motortires for the year 2004

Complete motocross tires assortment made for kidcross were developed and introduced to production in 2003. Tire pattern is based on successful performance C-10, C-11 and C-12 which were proved well in motocross world championship of seniors.
Company Mitas, as the one of small group of firms, can offer modern and first-quality motocross tires for beginning competitors in very competitive prices.

Parameters provided in production are:

26006    80/100-12    41M    C-10    rear wheel
26010    2,50-10        37J     C-12    front and rear wheel
26018    2,50-12        36J     C-11    front wheel
26024    2,75-10        37J     C-10    rear wheel
26035   90/100-14     49M    C-10    rear wheel
26039   60/100-14     30M    C-11    front wheel
26091   90/100-16     51M    C-10    rear wheel
26160   70/100-17     40M    C-11    front wheel
26616   70/100-19     42M    C-11    front wheel


C10              C11