New MITAS tyres for supermoto

Supermotard becomes ever more promising for the motorcycle discipline which combines the elements of road race, motor-cross and speedway race. Special smooth (slick) tyres are being used.

For those who desire taking part in supermoto races and have at home a machine for motor-cross or enduro and do not want investing in special rims, MITAS has developed a new type of tyres in the 3.00-21 dimension for  the front wheel and 140/80-19 H-19 for the rear wheel, both types in the silk version.

The tyres bear the Hobby Motard mark and can be used for classic motorcycles for motor-cross and enduro. For 2006, a special class of supermotard races is prepared within the framework of the ČR championship and  this is the opportunity both for beginners and for experienced races to test the MITAS tyres

  For the time being, these tyres are available in the following dimensions:


3.00-21 SW-08 Hobby Motard,140/90-18H-19 Hobby Mottard