MITAS among motor-cross élite

In this year, MITAS has become, for the first time, official sponsor of the most prestigious motor-cross discipline – the FIM World Championship in the 500 ccm category.

This World Championship consists of twelve races which are being run in the most important European motor-cross  centres. In addition to this, MITAS is sponsoring also the European Championship up to 125 ccm. The fifth race of the World and Europa Championship series there has been, on June 12, 2005,  the  Grand Prix of Croatia at Jastrebac, close to Zagreb,  where the contractual MITAS runners have achieved a historical success.

Martin Žerava, in the 500 ccm category, has assumed an excellent 3rd place and Jan Zaremba has been even the second one. This success is also evidenced by the fact that, in each category, there have been registered in each category more than 60 best present-day runners. Both runners have improved their position in the overall classification and their good final outcome is to be expected.