80th Motorcycle Olympiad at Povážská Bystrica

The jubilee edition of the popular motorcycle competition has taken place in September 13 through 18 2005 at Povážská Bystrica in Slovakia.

Only 291 best racers have arrived in  the goal from almost four hundred starting racers. On extreme terrains,  dusty first, then  muddy, the new MITAS tyre for the FIM  sports enduro with the EF-07 pattern has shown excellent performance. Many racers from the teams competing for the World Trophy of Nations, for the Juniors Silver  Bowl and for the cup for the best club team  have had the possibility to be convinced of its qualities.

These races have enjoyed  unprecedented interest of the public the number of which amounted to more than 120 000 people present around the racetrack of the this year´s ISDE edition. Only the final moto-cross at Sverepec has been attended by more than 30 000 people.

An excellent result with the MITAS  tyres has been attained by the Jiřetín Pfanner club team from the Czech Republic, which has gained the excellent 2nd position among the total of 77 club teams.

The following results have been attained:

World Trophy Team:
1 Italy, 2 Finland, 3 Sweden, 4 Great Britain, 5 Australia, 6 Slovakia, 7 Czech Republic, 8 Portugal (altogether 18 countries)

Junior Trophy Team:
1 Italy, 2 France, 3 Finland, 4 Sweden, 5 Slovakia, 6 Czech Republic, 7 Australia, 8 USA (altogether 12 countries)

Club competition:
1 Lummezzane Italy, 2 Notoklub Jiřetín PFANNER Czech Republic (Gotwald M., Gotwald Z.,  Malát – MITAS tyres), KTM Poland, SMF Club Team Slovakian Republic (MITAS tyres) Motorcycling New Zealand (MITAS tyres) (altogether 77 teams).


Sean Clark from New Zealand changes his tyres  before the final motor-cross assisted by Jaroslava Šebíková – head of the MOTO, MITAS  a.s. plant, manufacturing section Zlín.