We are producing silicone profiles by the extrusion of material through a die (template) that defines their required shape. The extruded profile is then stabilized by a high-temperature thermal shock. The final heat treatment is made by means of continuous vulcanization in horizontal and tunnels and in a finishing vulcanizing oven. Our manufacturing program involves silicone tubes, various shape profiles, window and door weather-stripping, facade strips and microporous silicon rubber products.

We can make them in various colour versions. Owing to the properties of materials used, the application of silicone profiles is particularly suitable in equipment for which a healthy operation is essential very good insulation characteristics, resistance against ozone ageing or which
is intended for demanding thermal conditions, such as drying ovens, furnaces, engines, electrical household appliances etc.

Production of profiles as per the customer's drawings is a matter of course. We are capable of producing extruded profiles of any shape, maximum sectional area being 1 250 mm2.

We also have at our disposal the technology for continuous cutting of profiles and their subsequent jointing to a desired size.

For circular seals, we can obtain outer diameter up to 60 mm. The dimensions of sectional seals above 60 mm must be consulted with our specialists.

The window weather-stripping SILLEN of various shape versions is intended to seal windows and doors with different installation technologies. Compared with similar seals from other materials, silicone rubber seals have a longer service life, feature better resistance to solar radiation and a very good shape memory.