Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft lip seals GUFERO (RSLS) are contact sealing elements used for sealing fluids on rotating shafts and other machine parts. Their function is to provide a tight separation of two environments of the same or different character with low pressure gradient. The tightness level depends on service conditions of the part being sealed and requirements for the sealing durability.

A rotary shaft lip seal is usually composed of a reinforcing metal ring, rubber moulding and tension spring. In some cases, RSLS may not have the metal reinforcing ring or spring.

Rubena a.s. is currently manufacturing RSLS from butadiene – acrylonitrile (NBR), polyacrylate (ACM), silicone (VQM) and fluorcarbon (FKM) rubbers. They are compounded based on long-term experience and new research findings, using top quality raw materials and advanced technologies.

Rubena a.s. belongs among those manufacturers providing their own development and mixing rubber compounds in their own mixing room, making use of laboratories with advanced equipment. This is a maximum guarantee of quality and flexibility. Thus the specific material for the given product and application can be made.

Detailed assortment is available in Rotary shaft seals catalogue.