O-rings are sealing elements, which prevent from ineligible permeability or loss of fluid or gas. Rubena has been developing and manufacturing these kinds of parts for more then 50 years.

The O-ring range consists of three dimensional series based on PN 02 9280, PN 02 9281 and PN 02 9282. The mentioned standards cover solely nitrile – butadiene rubbers (NBR). The fourth series consists of O-rings of non – standardized rubbers and of the O-rings different from the aforementioned PN.
The standards of PN 02 9280 (for movable sealings) and PN 02 9281 (for stationary sealings) were designed for specific housing rooms, they may be used as spare parts for machinery.

The PN 02 9283 Standard is based on international ISO 3601 Standard and supports the standard of DIN 3771. It covers the unified international O-ring series, which is necessary for unified housing rooms and thus for their interchangeability.

The non – standardized O-rings are usually made of heat – stable rubbers on the basis of silicone, ethylene/propylene and fluorcarbonaceous rubbers or of high abrasion resistant rubbers on the polyurethane rubber basis.