At the 2012 Eurobike Exhibition, Rubena introduced 38 innovations as well as a Formula One pilot

On August 28th-31st, the cycling world met in Friedrichshafen, Germany, at the 21st annual Eurobike Exhibition. At the exhibition, Rubena, which belongs among the traditional exhibitors, introduced 38 new sizes and designs of its tires. Nine of them were brand new designs. Rubena also introduced a prototype of a cross country bicycle, made by the Czech company of Festka, with 27.5” Rubena tires. This size represents a completely new size, which is supposed to combine the advantages of both sizes that have been used so far, i.e. 26” and 29”. At its stall, Rubena also organized autograph signing by Nick Heidfeld, a Formula One pilot, who is sponsored by Gaadi. For this company, Rubena makes special tubes that can be used for a wide range of tire sizes.
There was a total 1,250 exhibitors from 49 countries. 43,700 bike professionals saw the exhibition. These numbers underline the importance of this event.