History SICO silicone

The limited company SICO silicone Velké Poříčí was established in December 1999 with capital entry of two owners - the German silicon processing company SICO GmbH Witten and the Czech company Rubena a.s. Hradec Králové. The company is manufacturing and supplying components from silicone rubbers for applications in industry, ecology and special applications. SICO RUBENA is continuing the tradition of processing silicone rubbers in Rubena a.s. (joint-stock company), which was engaged in silicone rubber processing since the beginning of the 1960's. Reliability and top quality of our products conform to international standards certified by SGS Zurich.


SICO Gesellschaft für Siliconverarbeitung mbH SICO silicone s.r.o.
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 85 Náchodská 449
58454 Witten 549 32 Velké Poříčí
Germany Czech Republic
Phone: (02302) 8 04 81 / 82 Phone: +420 494 770 501
Fax: (02302) 80 07 90 Fax: +420 495 753 184
E-mail: info@sico-silicon.de E-mail: erik.fulka@sicosilicone.cz
http://www.sico-silicon.de http://www.rubena.eu